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Do you need a Static or Dynamic Website?
If you are a relatively small business or the products and services that you provide need few updates or additions, then a static website will meet your needs. Static web pages always look the same and the content never changes unless you change the page and upload the new version of the page to the web server. A static website will meet the needs of a lot of businesses.

If you have a large inventory of products and/or services or you frequently need your website to be updated with new product information, services, news or special offers, then you should probably have a dynamic database-driven website.

For example, think of a restaurant that has a list of daily specials. If you wanted your website daily specials page to change every day to show the daily special menu items, it wouldn't be cost-effective (or practical) to have the page rebuilt each day. If you have the same specials week after week - then you could simply have them all listed per day on one page that would never change until your specials change. However, if your specials change on a daily basis, a dynamic database-driven website would be the best option. In a database website the content for the products, pricing, member lists and profiles, is kept in a database on web. To change that content we just update the database and the website shows that revision immediately.

While a dynamic website typically costs more because of its complexity, it can be a more cost effective solution in the long run since it is easier to make changes. A dynamic website is the most effective solution for websites with content requiring frequent updates and/or interaction with the visitors. The real benefits of a database-driven website come if you want to maintain your own content. Through a content management tool that we can provide, you can log in, make a quick update and your website is instantly updated with new information. Or you can have us quickly make that change for you.

If you would like to have a user registration for your website, or would like to send out periodic email newsletters to registered users, then you need a dynamic website that can accomplish all of that—and more—automatically.

Based on the information you provide, we'll determine if a static or dynamic website is best for your business.