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You have a lot of choices when you decide where to host your website and purchase a domain name. So why should you do it through HES Web Design?

If you decide purchase your hosting and domain name elsewhere, we can still create a website for you! Just check with us before you do so we can be sure that your potential hosting provider has all of the necessary features, tools and options available to create the website that you want.

You can buy domain names from several online sellers, some of which are extremely inexpensive. Some of them also require a "package deal" with that lower-priced (sometimes it's even free for the first year) domain registration where you are obligated to host that domain with them for a period of time.

Some hosting companies have web design templates that allow you to create a website fairly easily, but they are limited to what services the hosting company offers. In most cases, those templates will create a "bare bones" website, without a great deal of functionality.

As a website hosting reseller we can acquire the domain name you want, and if for some reason it's unavailable, we can suggest other avaliable domain names that are similar to what you would like. And if you really want to have a domain name that someone else already owns, we'll research that name and try to find out how you might possibly be able to get it.

If the registration for that domain is about to expire, we'll monitor the entire process and do our best to acquire the domain once it becomes available at a reasonable cost.

Our hosting plan includes one free domain name for the first year. Additional domain names are available for only $10 each per year.